From The Science Department

The vision of the department is to develop a cohesive term of teacher that will work together towards fulfilling a complete student-oriented science department where research and innovations are closely related.

The key objective is to develop scientific aptitude in research and scientific investigations to produce global science champions.
The department aims at enhancing good academic performance through the development of inquisitive learners through the acquisition of scientific knowledge and inquiry skills. In addition, the department is committed to the provision of quality curriculum delivery that is innovative and creative in line with the changing technological advancement

We live in society exquisitely dependent on science and technology and that is why we encourage the students to enroll in science subjects.

The department has a team of six teachers. This team is experienced and committed and this has led to the good performance exhibited.

The students have been performing extremely well in the examinations offered at Key stage 3 (KS3), O-level and the A-level.

The 2018/2019, the A-level results were extra ordinarily good with all the three science registering above 80% pass.

The target is 85% pass and above for both the O-level and the A-level results come the academic year 2019/2020.

The future plans aim at continuing to achieve good grades, thus we have a number of programs put in place that aims at improving the performance. The practical work in the labs Is mandatory. We have three well equipped labs for each subject area to enhance this. The students also do group discussions and constant evaluation tests.

The students also actively participate in the science and engineering fair to help broaden their knowledge of science. The experience has helped in the sharpening of their investigative and practical skill hence making it easier to handle practical related questions in the exams.