From The Discipline Department

The department has the mandate of ensuring that all the activities in the school run without interference from some other students who do not subscribe to the rule of law.

Most of the students in the school are disciplined but we still have some that require constant supervision and so the objective is to try and ensure that such student don’t interfere by ensuring the school and regulations are followed.

All in all, discipline plays a supportive role to all other achievements in life and thus the emphasis that we put in enhancing self-discipline.

In dealing with discipline issues we try to involve the stakeholders, that is, the student, the parent or guardian, the teachers especially the class teachers and also the vibrant guidance and counseling department since their role in counseling of the cases cannot be overemphasized.
The school administration led by the principal, and by extension, the management of the school, has been very supportive whenever indiscipline matter requiring their input has arisen.

The majority of the students are generally disciplined and that has translated into good performance witnessed in other areas of academics and co-curriculum activities. We look forward to continuing the work of ensuring that our charges come out of school all rounded.