About Us

Our Vision

It is a privilege to be part of our society as our learning process is very rigorous and child-oriented in order for the students to achieve the best in whatever they do. this is why our vision statement states that Every Student is an achiever, a valued learner, and a responsible citizen.

Our Mission

Teach all students to lead a fulfilling and productive life in a rapidly changing and complex global society. We do this by developing their skills, transforming their attitudes and creating awareness necessary for them to become successful learners and responsible citizens.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is built on believe that student learn best when they have a strong sense of belonging to their classroom and have pride in their School. Our students are encouraged be active independent learners, who set goals, and challenge themselves in order to achieve personal excellence.


Basing on the popular motto, ‘Your Child is Our Child’, the parents have often approached the choice of school with a lot of expertise, enrolling their children with us for a purpose. We are in the record, having topped the world in subjects and nearly always received top achievers award every year!