The school is proud of its clubs which are categorised into two, namely Learning Clubs and Activity Clubs

Learning Clubs

The learning clubs have to do with studies and subjects, this encourages the students from different classes to come together putting their heads as one and here they discuss various topics within the select disciplines and this helps to promote cohesiveness and special interest which in return could help a student specialise in a specific study in the future.

Activity Clubs

The Activity clubs are more of life skill and inborn talent, here the students discover what their natural-born talents are are are privileged to hone them and develop them further under the guidance and help from the club patrons. some of these clubs include Dance, Journalism, Taekwondo and Music etc.

Field and Educational Trips

Kisumu Education Society also has a trip program for all the three schools where students get to travel within the county or outside. This could be leisure field trips for sightseeing or Educational trips that involve visiting known landmarks that offer an up-close experience which is always breathtaking. The trips are organised annually