To enhance learning opportunities for all children by recognising each child’s unique individuality, academic, social and cultural strengths and interests.


To heighten self-awareness and enhance self-esteem through acceptance.

Practical learning

To encourage the children to be responsible for their own individual.

Open school

To encourage every child to express their individuality appropriately.

Community involve

To provide a wide range of Outdoor Education programmes to involve the surrounding

Online resources

To provide facilities and access to the World Wide Web for knowledge expanse.

Plan and details

Paying attention to detail and being well organised in all activities for better results


A student demographic without Respect both to one another and to their teachers is a recipe for diasaster. We help guide them in order for them to cultivate this in their day to day life


In order for the students to become independent members of the society, Responsibility is key in achieving this and we as a school help them to nurture this.


It is always said that if one is honest with him/herself.. then the path they walk is a straight one. Our students guided by our teachers get to learn how this principle works and applies to the rest of the world


The road to righteousness is one that is walked by a kind-hearted individual. At our school, we teach kindness to our students to make them able to feel empathy and lead a selfless life full of charity and goodness of heart.