Department of Applied Humanities

The Business Department in Kisumu Senior Academy is one of the oldest departments in the school.

The department is headed by Mr. Robinson Wekesa and the member is Mr. George Kasuku who have worked hand in hand in a consultative approach to ensure that business as an applied subject is well delivered. The department does this by building confidence in students and transferring the necessary skills that students can emulate and become great entrepreneurs of the world

The world is a global village, its only business that can make us explore our different cultural diversities and harness business opportunities and make it a better place to live in,

Our department being the oldest in the school, It is attributed to the fact that Business is a living subject and practical in the sense that it deals with what goes around in our daily lives like food we eat in the house, transport to school, etc which are part of the family budget is an important area covered in Business Studies. Alive to this fact makes the study of Business with its different components an integral part of any learning institution like ours.

In the business department the following subjects are offered and examinable in the final examinations (Edexcel IGCSE) exams at O` levels and (IAS/IAL) exams at A` levels.

  • Accounting
  • Business Studies
  • Commerce
  • Economics


  • Accounting
  • Business Studies
  • Economics


After the completion of O`level studies students are already equipped enough and can venture into different areas like;

    • Engaging in personal or family businesses
    • Exploit opportunities in job markets by working as Accounts Technicians in businesses like supermarkets and accounting firms
    • Pursure local CPA (Certified Public Accountant course) or CPS (Certified Public Secretaries and get a certificate.
    • Pursue Diploma programmes in areas related to businesses and further their education by degree programmes
    • Join “ A”level classes in related courses
      -After completion of “ A” level course students can pursue the above mentioned careers at higher levels and besides can join relevant degree programmes locally or abroad.

In the past we have produced students who have greatly excelled and some of our students are in the leading and renowned universities in the world like Harvard, Oxford, and Canada as well.

Head of Applied Humanities Department