From The ICT Department

Kisumu senior academy is the place to be for the students who have great interest in computing and especially those who have a dream career and profession in any field of computing.

The school offers information and communication technology (ICT) for the IGCSE curriculum in the O’ level section and information technology (IT) for IGCSE in the A’ level section.

The school has been producing consistent quality grades in ICT for a very long time and it is our culture to perform well in ICT which has made us to be on top of the ranking in the region. Kisumu senior academy has been producing top stunts in the world and in Africa in ICT as well as in other subjects.

The school has a modern laboratory equipped with modern computers. The laboratory is also equipped with free high-speed internet facility which is available to all students at all times. This is to enable the student to interact with the relevant study material online so as to equip them with up to date learning resources.

Students are under the guidance and close monitoring when using the internet facility to ensure they access relevant and appropriate learning resources that are necessary for their stages of learning.

Kisumu senior also has competent teachers in the IT department who ensure that student is well taught and well taken care of in terms of learning.

Head of ICT