The Kisumu Education Society Group of Schools has been there for ages. We trace our roots back to when we were known by the name DHT SCHOOL. Our journey has not been smooth but we are thankful for reaching where we are today

1957, Founded in Kisumu

Over the next forty years, the school grew to encompass a faculty of about Ten and a student body of over five hundred, all spread within the compound

1994, GCE Curriculum

This was when it had a batch of seven students only. That time the curriculum in place was the London GCE equivalent to Irelands’s primary curriculum

2003, GCSE Curriculum

The syllabus passed through a paradigm shift—adopting the GCSE and later IGCSE Key Stage 1 and 2 block system of education followed in England and Wales.

  • Students
  • Alumni
Students Graduate Empowered

From a very humble beginning our student body grew and with that, came a dynamic group of graduates who are key society members today

Student Enrollment

Because of our success in both Academics and Co-curricular activities, we have one of the highest enrolment rates in our history

One Building classroom

It started out as a preschool with seven students in a one building classroom located along Olang Road in Kisumu. Growing rapidly, the school constructed more buildings, more classrooms, more amenities until where we are right now.

National Association of Private Schools
Ed-Excel approved learning and examination centre
The International Schools Association
KCPE Accredited Examination Centre
Association of the French Learning Centre
Approved Sports and Drama Festival Centre
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