There are a variety of sports clubs for students to join throughout the year. Students are free to join any club of their choosing

kisumu Education Society group of schools has been reknowed for its prowess when it comes to exellence in sports.  We have done so well locally and even represented the country internationally. Our trophy chest is full of awards and accollades of our achievements. Join us to experience this and many more.

Growth and development

It is very important for a child to be physically active because this also aids in developing both mental and emotional health. When pupils join the various sports clubs at an early age, the level of skill in the specific disciplines also grows as time goes by and this helps the pupil overally in their growth and development to become oustanding members of the society.

Personal Tutoring and mentorship

A child is one intuitive being and needs self development. They desperately always want to develop their skills and ability to cope with a strange, complex world. We mostly encourage them to  see and learn for themselves through their senses and not through the eyes of an adult for them to become fully responsible and independent. All we do is guide and mentor where we see potential and sometimes offer one-on-one coaching for help hone and develop their skills futher.