Senior Principal’s message

KES is a high achieving, happy, vibrant and forward-thinking school in which children excel themselves, both academically and socially.

Our eager children have a real thirst for learning and our excellent staff team are committed and dedicated in ensuring that each and every child achieves. We have high standards and expect the best.

Welcome to The New School athletics program. Our sports program is a great way for students to enjoy the spirit of competition in a safe, structured environment while using their talents to strive for success and excellence at a high level.

I’m looking forward to working together with you and your child this season and future seasons.

Mrs. Prabhulla Renjit Prabhu
Senior Principal
Kisumu Education Society Group Of Schools

Open School Visits

Periodically the school organises open visitations between parents/guardians and the various teachers for one on one discussions regarding the performance of the students. This is very key in the development of the young learners as it engages them directly with the guardians/parents.

If you cannot visit during these open visitations, we welcome you always as long as you contact the Administration Office or call 0734 222 220 / 0713 777 367 to schedule an appointment.

The school's Vision

Every Student is an achiever, a valued learner, and a responsible citizen.

Our Mission

To teach all students to lead a fulfilling and productive life in a rapidly changing and complex global society. We do this by developing their skills, transforming their attitudes and creating awareness necessary for them to become successful learners and responsible citizens.